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Overview of the 2iC-Care Technology Solution

The 2iC-Care solution is an award-winning,
5th-generation solution that delivers both digital interoperability between any telecare and telehealth device type and an advanced, open connected care and data platform for proactive, personalised and preventative care.

"If UK Social Care is serious about delivering a quality service to an ever-growing elderly population with very limited resources then tech will have to play a more significant & strategic role in its provision."

2iC-Care technology is
the open, flexible, future-proof enabler for such provision.

Key features and benefits of the 2iC-Care solution

Digital interoperability

Our award-winning, IoT software enables complex bi-directional interoperability between an unlimited range of device types and software platforms.

It achieves this across Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellualr or any other transport layer.


Connected care & data platform TEC

Data and trend analysis are key to effective, holistic technology enabled care and better outcomes for everyone.

2iC-Care provides the connected care platform and tailored dashbaords that bring it all together.


Personalised, preventative care

Our technology is the enabler of a new era of personalised, preventative care and proactive services.

Through discreet monitoring and timely data-driven insights it can significantly ease pressure on resources.


Device agnostic

Our software has already been used to connect devices and systems from over 20 manufacturers.

We can connect legacy and leading edge telecare and telehealth devices from any smart device manufacturer.


Open protocol

Unlike proprietary solutions, the 2iC-Care solution is built using open protocol technology that is openly accessible and usable by anyone.

For local authorities, other care providers and end users, that means more choice and reduced costs.


Care network configurable

We know the need for care fluctuates and the type of care varies accordingly.

Our system is highly configurable so users can design their own care network from care organisations, friends and family or neighbours, for example.


Confidential and secure

We take the security and privacy of your data very seriously.

2iC-Care’s IOT platform has been used in defence, homeland security and blue light sectors across four countries. Enough said. Confidentiality is also a pre-requisite in care.We never forget that, too.


Multiple Transport Layers

Poor cellular signal or intermittent access to Wi-Fi? We can usually get your signal through .

The 2iC-Care solution can switch between cellular and Wi-Fi signal to ensure alerts get through to the call center, carers or loved ones. The solution supports multiple transport layers for communicating with devices including Bluetooth (BLE), Zigbee, Wi-Fi and RF869.


The key components of the 2iC-Care solution


2iC-Care Intelli Home Hub

The unique, intelligent 2iC-Care solution sits on the 2iC-Care Intelli Home Hub, which can replace any existing telecare home hub in the service user’s home.

The 2iC-Care Intelli Home Hub adds device-to-device interoperability and unique in-hub analytics intelligence.

The hub works unobtrusively in the background 24/7, with no input required from the service user.


2iC-Care Intelli Dashboard

In parallel, the cloud-based 2iC-Care Intelli Dashboard —tailored to each service user and made available to their care and support network— analyses trend observations that might indicate a potential issue and delivers early warnings, thereby helping to prevent incidents from happening.


2iC-Care Analytics Platform

Again, using tailored dashboards, the 2iC-Care Analytics Platform allows care organisations to analyse usage, invoicing and other care plan/contract related details, assess broader patterns of behaviour of the service user, and much more.

Underpinned by the open standard Lean Services Architecture

The unique 2iC-Care software solution is underpinned by the open-protocol Lean Services Architecture (LSA). LSA was invented and authored by 2iC and openly published under an Open Government Licence by the UK Ministry of Defence, to whom 2iC assigned the copyright.

LSA has been successfully used and proven by a large number of organisations—ourselves at 2iC, of course, but also by the UK Ministry of Defence, the United States Department of Defense, the Australian Department of Defence and the New Zealand Defence Force.

Now, equally successfully, it is enabling digital interoperability in the technology enabled care (TEC) sector.

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Smart devices and a new paradigm of digital interoperability

There are tens of thousands of device manufacturers globally. They are constantly inventing smaller, cheaper and more sophisticated devices each year. We don’t believe one company can win that market.

We believe our clients want to maximise the device options to meet their needs and not be tied to one or two manufacturers by using a proprietary connectivity solution.

2iC-Care’s value is to rapidly integrate these systems and turn raw data into valuable information and actionable knowledge.

Technology adoption

The provision of care is first and foremost about people and relationships.

This should not be an excuse for the technology doubters amongst us to prevent the sector from embracing and adopting technology to make this essential service more efficient and scalable.

Maximising care resources

People who work in the care sector, and the resources they need, are in desperately short supply.

It is even more critical they receive the right information at the right time to ensure services can be delivered efficiently and effectively.

Smart device revolution

In recent years devices and sensors have seen rapid miniaturisation and increased sophistication and capabilities.

Today, using a mix of discreet mounted devices, sensors and ‘wearables’ a huge number of indicators and vital signs can be monitored 24/7.

Devices are getting smarter, smaller and ever more wearable and personal. 2iC-Care is the unique, 5th-generation solution that can connect them all and enable optimised personalised care.

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