Confidential & Secure

2iC-Care Technology Key Features

Confidential and secure

Security usually isn’t a top priority for IoT device makers, but it should be.

2iC-Care’s IOT platform has been used in defence, homeland security and blue light sectors across four countries. Enough said. Confidentiality is also a pre-requisite in care. We never forget that, too.

Data encryption

To comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), all personal data must be encrypted, whether at rest or in transit. 2iC-Care is fully compliant with this GDPR requirement.

Data security

Access to 2iC-Care systems uses two-factor authentication for additional security.

Network security

Network security is at the heart of broadband security to ensure that the router is completely secure. 2iC-Care’s cyber engineers ensure that all devices connected via Wi-Fi are within the firewalls.

Secure Lean Services

At the request of GCHQ, the UK Government’s intelligence, cyber and security agency, 2iC-Care has designed an additional security data transfer system to prevent interception of data between devices.

Privacy and confidentiality

2iC-Care is unyielding in its belief that everyone has a right to privacy. We place privacy, confidentiality and safety at the heart of everything we do for our customers, from the care provider through to the service user. Data is only linked to a service user’s identity and shared when it is needed in the case of a critical event.

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