Care Network Configurable

2iC-Care Technology Key Features

Care network configurable

We know the need for care fluctuates and the type of care varies accordingly.

Our system is highly configurable so users can design their own care network from care organisations, friends and family or neighbours, for example.

An intelligent and configurable solution

  • The service user (with help from a family member or professional carer where needed) is able to decide on the information flow to the care network
  • Each service user’s care network can include both formal care contacts (e.g. a monitoring call centre for fall detection and alarm notification for example) and informal care contacts (e.g. family, friends and perhaps a neighbour)
  • Typically, the 2iC-Care based monitoring solution is configured initially by 2iC-Care
  • The 2iC-Care software enables interoperability between device types to more accurately assess the incident need and to reduce false alarms
  • The service user’s care network is automatically alerted to incidents, and also to early warnings, in line with the initial configuration
  • Solution configuration and the service user’s care network are easily updated at any time to reflect the service user’s changing needs and circumstances

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