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How 2iC-Care drives business value for care organisations

The advantages of our data-centric, digitally interoperable
solution include:

The 2iC-Care solution opens up choice as it connects to any telecare and telehealth manufacturer’s device-type, including legacy devices, using our open protocol (non-proprietary) digital interoperability software.

Our intelligent analytics platform, which sits on both the home hub and in the cloud, analyses the data from multiple devices to provide a holistic view of the service user to assess behavioural trends, flag early warnings and predict potential care issues.

The advanced, digitally interoperable 2iC-Care solution and home hub means that events and alarms can be received, processed and cross-referenced from the widest range of telecare and telehealth devices and associated environmental and behavioural sensors. 2iC-Care provides information to make decisions and not just raw data.

Bi-directional device-to-device interoperability allows devices to “talk to each other” to accurately assess the likelihood of a false alarm and the incident severity.

Analytics intelligence is built in to the 2iC-Care connected care platform alongside device interoperability and the ability to ingest and analyse data from all device types. It is these unique capabilities that are enabling the care sector to transition from reactive care to personalised, preventative care.

Care organisations are able to choose the devices and the appropriate monitoring solution to meet each service user’s personal needs.

Support for legacy devices means that care organisations can continue to get value from their investments. 2iC-Care’s ongoing integration of new devices, meanwhile, means that care organisations can quickly harness rapidly developing new telecare and telehealth technologies and device capabilities as they emerge.

The 2iC-Care solution has been developed to provide the greatest possible flexibility in personalised care. As each service user’s needs change, so the 2iC-Care solution can quickly connect to new device types, as well as to changing care and support networks.

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For customers ranging from local authority care departments and occupational therapists to other care providers and device manufacturers, we can reduce costs while improving the effectiveness of monitoring and care. Businesses involved in care provision gain more value from 2iC-Care technology — and so do service users.

What we deliver is clear: better outcomes for everyone. Find out more about how we can help you in Who We Work With.

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