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At 2iC-Care we work with local authority care departments and other care sector organisations and professionals to enhance care solutions, increase efficiency and reduce costs, and improve care outcomes for everyone.

We achieve this together through the unique 2iC-Care digital interoperability and connected care platform. which enables the transition from purely reactive care to personalised, preventative care and proactive services.

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Find out below how we could help you, then please get in touch to discuss your specific challenges and to arrange a demo of the 2iC-Care solution. 

The main customer groups we work with and support are:

Local Authorities

2iC-Care provides a unique connected care software platform that allows local authority care providers to easily connect to any device-type to provide personalised monitoring care solutions for their service users.

This unique digital interoperability and connected care platform is helping local authority care departments to:

  • Transition from analogue to digital telecare/telehealth monitoring solutions ahead of the analogue to digital phone network switchover
  • Transition from a reactive care to a preventative care model
  • Transition from propriety devices and systems to open interoperable solutions for greatly increased device choice and lower costs
  • Reduce operational costs and improve efficiency in general by optimising the use of available resources
  • Increase quality of care for service users, such as the elderly and vulnerable.

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Occupational Therapists

2iC-Care also works closely with Occupational Therapists, supporting them in assessing the most appropriate technology enabled care solutions to meet the needs of vulnerable people wishing to live independently at home.

Naturally, of particular interest to Occupational Therapists are the advances delivered by 2iC-Care in open digital interoperability between any device type and the 2iC-Care connected care platform. This integrates everything into a discreet, future-proof, digital monitoring solution.

The 2iC-Care solution meets the modern-day needs of Occupational Therapists and their patients by:

  • Enabling a digitally interoperable, personalised care plan that allows a person to be better supported as they continue to live in their home and carry out their daily activities
  • Supporting the discreet adaptation of a person’s home environment with telecare and telehealth devices as required, and also environmental and behavioural devices and sensors, all of which can be monitored 24/7
  • Integrating the personalised care plan with the person’s informal care and support network (i.e. family, friends and neighbours).

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Device Manufacturers

Driven by demand from public and private sector care organisations for connected care and digital interoperability, telecare and telehealth device manufacturers are choosing to integrate their products with 2iC-Care.

The unique 2iC-Care software provides a rapid and secure way to add proven digital interoperability to devices for any manufacturer able and willing to expose device data.

The 2iC digital interoperability software is open protocol, device manufacturer agnostic and can be used to add bi-directional digital interoperability capability to legacy devices and new devices.

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