We joined the TSA social care family with our TEC solution

Richard Keyse, CEO | 01 Apr, 2022 |

2iC-Care was delighted to exhibit at the ITEC conference with our highly innovative software solution that delivers ‘digital interoperability’ between any devices, from any manufacturer.


At the plenary speech, Alyson Scurfield, CEO at TSA, talked compellingly about the “social care family”. As enthusiastic newcomers to the industry we were unsure of this term, but after two days’ manning our stand at this exciting conference we now understand, appreciate and respect Alyson's stance.


2iC-Care is entering this sector because we want to make a difference. For a company that specialises in integration and interoperability our joining a sector, which calls itself a family, is a great place to find ourselves. To all our new friends in the industry, we wish to thank you for welcoming 2iC-Care into your sector. 


We have far too many people to thank here, but a special thanks must go to Possum (our ITEC neighbours) for inviting us onto their Gala dinner tables, their guidance and time to make it an awesome event for 2iC-Care. This is a sector with huge challenges ahead and 2iC-Care intends to play its part and by working with our “social care family” we have no doubt we can make a difference.

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