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What we do

2iC-Care is a leading software solution provider that is using its unique digital interoperability technology to transition the care sector from reactive care to personalised, preventative care.

Care Sector digital interoperability technology

2iC-Care is the digital software solution that provides open-protocol interoperability between any device type and a truly connected care platform for discreet 24/7 monitoring, data-driven insights and better outcomes. Our unique 5th generation solution offers unprecedented benefits in holistic, personalised and preventative care—with optimised business analytics too—allowing local
authorities and care organisations to do more with the same resources.

Digital Interoperability

Our award-winning IoT software enables complex bi-directional interoperability between an unlimited range of device types and software platforms.

It achieves this across Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular or any other transport layer.

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Connected care & data platform for TEC

Data and trend analysis are key to effective, holistic technology enabled care and better outcomes for everyone.

2iC-Care provides the connected care platform and tailored dashboards that brings it all together.

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Personalised, preventative care

Our technology is the enabler of a new era of personalised, preventative care and proactive services.

Through discreet monitoring and timely data-driven insights it can significantly ease pressure on resources.

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Why 2iC-Care?

  • Hardware cost savings

    Greater choice means more cost-effective options

  • Choice of devices

    Enables monitoring of many more conditions to meet service user needs

  • The right information to the right people at the right time

    Timely, optimised care through more effective use of available care resources and support networks

  • Reduces pressure on services

    Helps reduce unnecessaryambulance call-outs and hospital admissions/re-admissions

  • Enables better and more-economical monitoring

    Supports better service delivery to more service users

  • Saves family wealth

    Can prevent a premature move to a residential home

  • Gives local authorities control of their digital transformation

    Provides a future-proof platform for connected care of people in their own homes

  • Protects investment in existing devices

    A single intelligent home hub connects legacy as well as new devices

We prevent the premature move to a care home

The business case and the human case are overwhelming: one month in a care home costs the equivalent of nine years’ monitoring and support from the 2iC-Care solution in the service user’s own home, where typically they are happier.


month in a care home



years of monitoring & support
from 2iC-Care

Our mission

"To provide world-class technology solutions to local authorities and other care organisations and support networks that enable the transition from reactive care to preventative care and so support older and vulnerable people to live independently, more safely, and for longer in their own homes, with the highest quality of life possible."

Our story

Many of us have lived remotely from our parents and understand the many challenges that brings to the elderly, friends, family and carers, as they grow older and incur fluctuations in their physical and mental well-being.

“Having experienced my mother face the challenges of living in her own home, with the onset of dementia, the move into sheltered housing and eventually into a full service care home, I was made aware of many of the physical, mental and social challenges facing an older or vulnerable person, their family and the care “system”. Like so many people in today’s world, I didn't live near my parents and was constantly frustrated by my inability to access reliable information at the relevant time and hence my ability to help her in times of need. As a technologist I knew this could be solved—and that is at the heart of why 2iC-Care is so important to me. We understand, we care, and we have the solution.”
- Richard Keyse, 2iC-Care founder

“A society that does not value its older people denies its roots and endangers its future. Let’s strive to enhance their capacity to support themselves for as long as possible and, when they cannot do so anymore, to care for them.”

Nelson Mandela

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