Future-proofed and flexible technology enabled care

Improving quality of life and reducing reactive care cost.

Andi Hub and dashboard with alerts about an older lady falling

A dispersed alarm unit with
a big difference

Andi, 2iC-Care’s award-winning digital TEC solution, delivers intelligent reactive care and enables life-changing preventative care
in one solution.

Choose Andi for your digital transition and...

Provide open-protocol interoperability between any device type and a truly connected care platform for discreet,
24/7 monitoring, data-driven insights and better outcomes.

Save costs on new

Install Andi’s digital hub in service users homes and connect your existing peripheral stock to Andi.

Personalise all care

Say goodbye to restrictive catalogues and connect to any peripheral type and unlock personalised care.

Direct alerts and alarms to
the right people.

Increase service efficiency by redirecting alerts of your choosing to friends and family of service users.

Say goodbye to multiple portals and gain a single source of truth.

All data from all peripherals and is centralised in Andi’s dashboard making remote monitoring easy. Your other online data sources can also be integrated with Andi.

Customise care and

Andi gives you control over how you monitor and care for populations and individuals via Andi’s customisable monitoring rules.

Stay connected and increase resilience.

Andi was designed to operate in areas of poor bandwidth and Andi connects to the internet and the ARC via multiple routes.

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Andi preserves independence for service users and reduces care costs for local authorities.

Read how Andi’s intelligent and personalised remote monitoring enabled carers to intervene at the early stages of a kidney infection preventing a hospital stay.

Wirral Case Study

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