Why is Andi’s hub different?

Andi’s hub lets you operate in the new era of care interoperability. Andi connects to any peripheral type from virtually any manufacturer via RF868, WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave and more!

Andi’s hub contains Andi’s distributed IoT software which enables peripherals to command one another. For example, Andi’s hub could command a smart lightbulb to turn on when a door sensor is activated.

Care Sector digital interoperability technology

Andi provides freedom and excellence.

  • Device Freedom
  • Interoperability
  • Operational Flexibility

2iC-Care does not manufacture technology enabled care peripherals. Therefore, we have created Andi to be able to connect to virtually any device type, from any manufacturer. This gives care providers device freedom, enabling the personalisation of care packages.

Andi's device freedom and interoperability, process interoperability and information interoperability are the technical foundations essential for an excellent technology-enabled care service.

Andi gives TEC providers total operational flexibility. Andi lets you choose what individuals are monitored for and which combinations of data trigger which alerts and alarms. Andi’s operational flexibility then allows you to delegate alarm or alert responses to friends, family or other appropriate third parties.

Andi is highly resilient!

Andi connects to the internet via SIM, Wi-Fi and Ethernet and Andi switches between these to find the best connection.

Andi never stops sending an alert to the cloud or the ARC.

Andi has been designed to operate in areas of poor bandwidth.

Andi brings telecare and telehealth together so service users can safely live independent and exciting lives at home and on the go.
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