Why is Andi different?

Andi is an end-to-end care solution for today and the future.

Care providers can deliver all aspects of care with Andi. Andi uses world-leading technology to be a social alarm enabler, a reactive emergency response platform, and Andi delivers insights for proactive and preventative care. Because of Andi's open technology infrastructure, care providers that use Andi can meet their deliverables today, and future-proof their service beyond the analogue to digital transition.

Care Sector digital interoperability technology

Unlock better care outcomes with Andi

Care Sector digital interoperability technology

Andi provides freedom and excellence.

  • Device Freedom
  • Interoperability

2iC-Care does not manufacture technology enabled care peripherals. Therefore, we have created Andi to be able to connect to any device type, from any manufacturer. This gives care providers device freedom, enabling the personalisation of care packages.

Andi's device freedom and interoperability, process interoperability and information interoperability are the technical foundations essential for an excellent technology-enabled care service.

Andi brings telecare and telehealth together so service users can safely live independent and
exciting lives at home and on the go.

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Unlock better care outcomes with Andi

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