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What is Andi?

Andi is a digital dispersed alarm unit installed in service users' homes.

Andi is also a remote monitoring dashboard where alarms and alerts are presented as actionable insights.

Andi is also a preventative software solution that enables care providers to customise every aspect of care provision and response.

Andi is an end-to-end care solution for today and the future.

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How will Andi transform your Technology Enabled Care service?

Gain care peripheral freedom and personalise care packages so service users needs can always come first.

Adopt a flexible solution which will meet your service users scaling and changing needs today and tomorrow.

Gain a high volume of high-quality data to increase the intelligent reactive care and enable preventative care, without information overload.

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Tech Enabled Care teams can:

When caring for service users, one size does not fit all. Andi allows TEC services, occupational therapists, and other clinical assessors to build personalised care packages that meet the unique needs of each service user.

Personalised care produces better outcomes for service users, friends, and family and Technology Enabled Care teams alike. Through customisable, rule-driven monitoring, Andi improves the efficiency of care teams, empowering them by giving them key information at the right time.

Andi brings information and processes together so that care providers can pre-set care responses specific to the information being received to enable efficient proactive and preventative care and better alarm response.

Additionally, Andi's enables multiple stakeholders such as ARCs, family, friends, or even emergency services to be incorporated automatically into care pathways.

Andi does not make any clinical decisions and does not aim to replace the vital human element in care but helps to automate and add efficiency to the proactive care process.

Proactive and preventative care is focused on reducing acute care needs to preserve independence. Let's explore how Andi could help to identify a UTI.

Because Andi understands the routine of a service user, Andi can spot the early signs of a UTI such as an increase in bathroom visits and increased body temperature.

When the number of bathroom visits and the person's temperature crosses the threshold that the TEC service has deemed 'normal', Andi will alert the care providers that this service user may need proactive care. Andi helps care providers tackle health issues before they are critical, preventing hospital visits and falls. Andi can truly bridge the gap between health and social care.

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When an alarm is triggered, it is critical that the message gets through to the Alarm Receiving Centre. Additionally, care providers need as much information as possible to ensure the alarm is valid.

Andi provides the right information about the service user, at the right time, to allow quick reactions to emergencies.

The Andi software is flexible in two ways. It allows for custom rules to be created for each service user to monitor the data that matters from multiple care peripherals as data sources. The communication pathway is also flexible to ensure that the alerts and alarms are sent to the right individuals. E.g. the temperature being a couple of degrees too high, may be an alert sent to a neighbour whereas a heart rate over 150 may need to be sent to an emergency response team.

To deliver this, Andi uses a completely open technology infrastructure. Andi can use a range of wireless capabilities such as RF868/9 telecare frequency, Zigbee, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect to any device type from virtually any manufacturer. This includes traditional analogue technology as well as IoT connectivity to the newest care peripherals. This is true interoperability.

Picture Steve, he is an Occupational Therapist assessing the needs of Sandra in her home.

Steve's employer has just started using Andi and Steve is enjoying assessing which risks Sandra needs to be monitored for so he can choose the peripherals that can best support her needs.

Steve delivers Sandra with a personalised care package consisting of some peripherals she already uses, plus brand-new peripherals for the care sector.

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Andi is a discreet solution for the service user that can also spot the small, but significant changes that suggest a service user's health could be deteriorating, they are in an unsafe environment or that something is not quite right by tracking changes in their behaviour.

Care providers can instruct Andi to inform them of these changes and Andi can also kickstart proactive care processes by sharing relevant information with the right people in the service user’s care network, at the right time.

Andi can provide traditional, reactive alarm services to an ARC, as well as flexible interoperability which combines information from multiple devices to provide a bigger picture of a service users wellbeing. Andi moves care towards being proactive and preventative.

Andi then presents this range of information, centrally, as actionable insights to Technology Enabled Care teams or friends and family to aid decision-making.

When Sandra has a fall, her fall detector will detect it. Andi’s pre-determined rules trigger collection of data from several devices Sandra uses such as a blood pressure monitor and movement sensor. One of the custom rules could be when a fall is detected, check whether there is movement in the room. If Sandra is still moving around, then this would be presented on the dashboard as an alert so that someone could give her a call to check in. However, if Sandra has a fall, there is no movement detected and her blood pressure is below her normal range then this data should go straight to the ARC or emergency response team as an alarm which needs urgent response.

Want to learn more about the technology behind Andi? Read more here.

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What is Andi?

Andi is an end-to-end digital technology enabled care solution that combines an in-home dispersed alarm unit, and remote monitoring dashboard to enable car providers to deliver preventative care.

How does Andi personalise care?

Care teams can configure Andi to build fully customised care packages for each service user by selecting the specific devices, sensors, and monitoring rules to monitor individual needs and risks.

What types of devices can connect to Andi?

Andi has an open architecture that allows connecting virtually any type of telecare or telehealth device from different manufacturers using wireless protocols like RF868, WiFi, Bluetooth and Zigbee. If there are any specific peripheral types you would like to discuss connecting to Andi then please reach out to us.

How does Andi enable proactive care?

Andi continuously tracks data from connected devices to detect subtle changes in a service user's behaviour, routine, and health markers. It can then alert care teams to potential issues before they escalate.

How does Andi improve alarm response?

When an alarm is triggered, Andi provides responders with comprehensive data from all connected devices as actionable insights, giving a complete view of the situation to ensure an appropriate response.

Can Andi integrate with existing care record and healthcare record systems?

Yes, Andi allows integration with other care management platforms, electronic records systems, and third-party applications used by care providers. If there is anything you would like to discuss integrating with then please reach out to us.

How secure is the Andi system?

Andi uses end-to-end encryption and follows strict data security protocols to ensure all service user data and communications remain private and secure in the UK.

Does Andi connect to the Arc?

Yes, Andi connects to multiple ARC platforms such as UMO, Appello and Jontek. 2iC-Care will be launching more ARC platform integrations soon. Crucially, Andi never gives up sending an alarm or alert to the ARC. If required, Andi can even redirect alarms from Andi’s cloud.

How does Andi connect to the internet?

Andi connects to the internet via SIM, Wi-Fi and Ethernet and Andi switches between these to find the best connection.

Where is the Andi hub manufactured?

Andi hubs are manufactured at the Sony UK Technology Centre, which is a world-leading manufacturing operation in Pencoed, South Wales. The manufacturing agreement between Sony UK Technology Centre and 2iC-Care ensures Andi can be consistently and reliably delivered to local authorities and care providers at scale.

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Unlock better care outcomes with Andi

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