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At 2iC-Care, we work with local authority care departments and other care sector organisations and professionals to enhance care solutions, increase efficiency and reduce costs, as well as improve care outcomes for everyone.

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Andi by 2iC-Care, is the technology care solution for the 2027 analogue to digital transition and beyond.

Andi by 2iC-Care, brings telecare and telehealth together so Tech Enabled Care services can transition to digital. Andi also helps local authority care departments to:
  • Respond quickly to emergencies based on the right information
  • Provide personalised, preventative & proactive care based on real knowledge
  • Enable service users to live independent and exciting lives whilst feeling safe and secure.
  • Transition from propriety devices and systems to open interoperable solutions for greatly increased device choice and lower costs.
  • Reduce operational costs and improve efficiency by optimising the use of available resources.
  • Increase the quality of care for service users, such as the elderly and vulnerable.

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