Wirral Council use Andi to prevent hospital admission.

NRS Healthcare use Andi to keep North Yorkshire connected.

Corserv Care and 2iC-Care partner to transform care in Cornwall.

“If we keep doing the same things, we will not meet the demand coming through the system. We need to think innovatively about how we can utilise technology to complement and enhance the care and support we're offering to people” Alison Waller, Managing Director of Corserv Care.

At 2iC-Care, we’re experts in digital transformation, and we’re here to help you.

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Andi, by 2iC-Care, creates better outcomes for service users and care providers.

Key benefits of implementing Andi are:

Having the freedom to choose any device type from any manufacturer means care providers can shop around to drive down device costs. Also, Andi connects to legacy devices so care providers can still obtain value from their previous investments.

Andi's open technology infrastructure means care organisations can adopt new telecare and telehealth technologies and device capabilities as they rapidly emerge. Also, because Andi is completely customisable, care providers can adapt to changing care needs for individuals, and at scale.

Andi sends alarms to UMO and Appello via SCAIP and via Andi’s cloud. 2iC-Care are actively working with other digital ARC providers to connect Andi.

Andi's information interoperability combines information from multiple devices when alarms are triggered. When care providers have all the information at once, they can accurately assess the likelihood of a false alarm and the incident severity, reducing unnecessary ambulance call-outs.

Andi allows TEC services, occupational therapists and other clinical assessors to build personalised care packages that meet the unique needs of each service user. Andi also quickly connects to new device types, as well as to changing care and support networks.

Andi provides analytics and intelligence alongside device interoperability and the ability to ingest and analyse data from all device types. This access to insights is what enables the care sector to transition from reactive care to personalised, preventative care.

Andi provides the insights to deliver world-leading remote monitoring to deliver proactive and preventive care. This reduces hospital admissions or re-admissions, decreasing pressure on services.

Andi's technology has been proven in the toughest circumstances and can send alarms to response centres, even in the hardest to reach areas, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all service users.

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