A podcast asking the big questions on how to tackle the care sector's most difficult challenges.

Hosted by 2iC-Care CEO Richard Keyse.

Season one of "Caring for the Future" is focused on preparing the UK care sector for the analogue to digital transition.

Episodes will cover a range of topics including building a digital strategy, future-proofing your service, building a business case for Tech Enabled Care and much more!
Join Richard Keyse as he speaks to industry experts
to solve the challenges facing the sector.

New episodes out every Wednesday!
Episode 1: How and why to build a digital strategy?

Guest: James Lampert, Head of Innovation and Partnerships at NRS Healthcare

Episode 2: Should care leaders think beyond 2025?

Guest: Ben Wiegand, United Health Group

Episode 3: Why is Andi the bright future for Tech Enabled care?

Guest: Sonja Calder, Head of Solutions & Co-Founder of 2iC-Care

BONUS EPISODE: What's new at ITEC 2023?

Guest: Nathan Downing, Director of Membership & Consultancy Services at TSA

Episode 5: How can we create preventative ARCs?

Guest: Paul Shead, Managing Director of Enovation

Episode 6: Can TEC services overcome operational challenges?

Guest: Danny Shephard, TEC Business Consultant

Episode 7: Is AI the future of care?

Guest: Kreshnik Hoti, PainChek

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