A podcast asking the big questions on how to tackle the care sector's most difficult challenges.

Hosted by 2iC-Care CEO Richard Keyse.

Season one of "Caring for the Future" is focused on preparing the UK care sector for the analogue to digital transition.

Episodes will cover a range of topics including building a digital strategy, future-proofing your service, building a business case for Tech Enabled Care and much more!
Join Richard Keyse as he speaks to industry experts
to solve the challenges facing the sector.

Season 1

Episode 1: How and why to build a digital strategy?

Guest: James Lampert, Head of Innovation and Partnerships at NRS Healthcare

Episode 2: Should care leaders think beyond 2025?

Guest: Ben Wiegand, United Health Group

Episode 3: Why is Andi the bright future for Tech Enabled care?

Guest: Sonja Calder, Head of Solutions & Co-Founder of 2iC-Care

BONUS EPISODE: What's new at ITEC 2023?

Guest: Nathan Downing, Director of Membership & Consultancy Services at TSA

Season 2

Episode 1: How can we create preventative ARCs?

Guest: Paul Shead, Managing Director of Enovation

Episode 2: Can TEC services overcome operational challenges?

Guest: Danny Shephard, TEC Business Consultant

Episode 3: Is AI the future of care?

Guest: Kreshnik Hoti, PainChek

Season 3

Episode 2: Exclusive Interview with Alyson Scurfield, CEO of the TSA

Guest: Alyson Scurfield, CEO of the TEC Services Association

Episode 3: How does the quality of data impact the quality of care?

Guest: Aaron Edwards, Telecare Programme Manager of the TEC Cymru

Season 4

Episode 1: Why Should Everyone Care About TEC??

Hosts: Alex Fulcher & Hollie Jamison

Episode 2: A Sneak Peek into ITEC with TSA's Charlotte Dugdale

Guest: Charlotte Dugdale, Head of Membership Services at TSA

Episode 3: The Transformative Power of Partnerships

Guest: Grace Thomson, Head of Partnerships and Marketing at 2iC-Care

Episode 4: The TEC Fear Factor

Hosts: Alex Fulcher & Hollie Jamison

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