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At 2iC-Care, we partner with other pioneers in the care sector so we can work together to deliver better outcomes for service users and care providers. If your business is revolutionising care, reach out to the partnerships team today.

Device Manufacturers

Andi by 2iC-Care, is the technology care solution for the 2025 analogue to digital transition and beyond.

Driven by demand from care organisations for connected care and digital interoperability in both the public and private sectors, telecare and telehealth device manufacturers are partnering with 2iC-Care to integrate with Andi.

Andi offers a rapid and secure way to add proven digital interoperability to devices from any willing manufacturer.

Andi is open protocol and device manufacturer agnostic and can be used to add bi-directional digital interoperability capabilities to legacy devices and new devices alike.

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Adult Social Care Consultants

Many local authorities and other care providers require assistance from expert consultants to ensure they are making the right choices for their service.

2iC-Care partners with adult social care consultants who are passionate about offering leading-edge technology advice.

2iC-Care's partners receive comprehensive product training as well as continuous learning opportunities, access to community events and other partner benefits

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