2iC-Care CEO meeting with 15 London councils to discuss TEC

2iC-Care | 10 Jun, 2022 |

We are delighted to report that Richard Keyse, our CEO, was invited by Kevin Doughty and Mark Baker to speak about 2iC-Care to a gathering of the iCUHTec community managed by T-cubed which included TEC experts from many London-based Local Authorities

We were particularly pleased to do this as T-Cubed operates as leaders in the telehealth sector and as strategic advisers to local authorities, housing associations and service providers. We were invited to talk as our focus is also one of transformation of telehealthcare services and improving remote care using technology at the core.

Our aim was to explore open-protocols and highlight the many benefits of adopting these in the care sector. In particular, 2iC-Care utilises a bi-directional protocol which is designed to provide device-device interoperability and personalised care solutions.

2iC-Care provides world-class technology solutions to care organisations, and service-users support networks, so they may live independently and safely,  as possible.

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