Introducing Richard Kennedy, 2iC-Care’s Managing Director

2iC-Care | 06 Sep, 2022 |

Introducing Richard Kennedy, 2iC-Care’s new Managing Director

2iC-Care is delighted to announce the arrival of Richard Kennedy, pictured, in the newly created role of Managing Director to lead business development.

Richard Keyse, 2iC-Care’s CEO and founder, said: “Richard Kennedy—or ‘Kenny’ as he may have to be known as we have similar names—has deep experience in driving growth in leadership roles within technology firms. In particular, he has been involved in breaking leading edge, ‘disruptive tech’ solutions into long-established markets. And of course, with the 2iC-Care digital interoperability solution and connected care platform, that is exactly what 2iC-Care is doing in the care sector.”

The 2iC software was originally designed for open-protocol digital interoperability in deployed military situations, but 2iC-Care has adapted the software for use in a home setting. Here it provides an advanced and comprehensive monitoring solution to assist the elderly and vulnerable to live independently and safer, for longer, in their own homes.

Richard Kennedy commented: “I’ve joined 2iC-Care at an incredibly exciting time. With its unique digital interoperability solution—the only digital software solution that provides open-protocol interoperability between any device types and a truly connected care platform—2iC-Care is the enabler of a new era of personalised, proactive and preventative care.”

He continued: “2iC-Care technology not only discreetly monitors and keeps service users safer in their own homes 24/7, it can also significantly ease pressure on resources for local authorities, care services and the NHS through timely data-driven insights. I want to show care sector clients exactly how to move the concept of personalised care very rapidly from aspiration to reality—and to reap all the human and business benefits that come from that journey.

“It's amazing what the 2iC-Care technology makes possible through digital interoperability and data-driven insights to the right people at the right time. It will revolutionise the care sector, moving it on from the current status quo of reactive care.

“I very much hope that my arrival at 2iC-Care will help to evolve the whole technology enabled care industry and take it to the next level. A large part of my role here is about market education—getting the message out there, demonstrating the benefits of this new technology—and then guiding local authorities and other care providers through the transition.”

Kennedy joins 2iC-Care from a global technology innovator operating out of New Zealand, the US and the UK. He spent five years as MD of the UK business, helping to pioneer and launch an advanced solution into a sector under-served by legacy technology solutions. He then became Head of Partnerships at the same company, based at its Colorado office, and was responsible for driving global expansion.

To learn more about the 2iC-Care solution, please call Richard Kennedy on +44 (0)753 434 7015.

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