“If we keep doing the same things, we will not meet the demand” Corserv Care and 2iC-Care partner to transform care in Cornwall.

Grace Thomson | 03 Oct, 2023 |

Today, Corserv Care and 2iC-Care announce a strategic partnership to use Andi to innovate care delivery in Cornwall. 

“If we keep doing the same things, we will not meet the demand coming through the system. We need to think innovatively about how we can utilise technology to complement and enhance the care and support we're offering to people” Alison Waller, Managing Director of Corserv Care.  

This partnership is a breakthrough for the care sector, not just in Cornwall, but across the UK. Andi is the first technology enabled care solution to leverage the Lean Services protocol which provides interoperability between any peripheral type from virtually any manufacturer and Cornwall will be the first county to leverage this best-in-class solution. Waller sees that Andi’s interoperability will “enable Corserv Care to be very clear about the care and support requirements of individuals and give much more comprehensive assessment data so that [Corserv Care] can ensure we're actually putting the right care package and support in place.” 

Across Cornwall, demand for care is growing and increasing in complexity but the county is struggling to recruit the workforce and source additional funding to meet this demand.  

The current reactive care approach is expensive for both adult social care and health services and a shift toward preventative care is a key to improve outcomes and manage cost. Corserv Care will use Andi to spot opportunities for early intervention so they can prevent health and care crises for individuals and reduce reactive care costs. Waller says “if you prevent either a hospital admission, or a deterioration of need, then you know you are making overall savings in the system and protecting the quality of life of the individual, which is the primary focus.” 

Additionally, Corserv Care intend for the rollout of Andi to help them to attract a wider adult social care workforce by making their services more exciting to prospective employees. Waller wants Corserv Care want to be ‘trailblazers, offering a unique selling point not only to service users but to the future workforce to be an employer of choice’ and Andi is the key to this. 

Corserv Care will use Andi’s interoperability and flexibility to complement and enhance their care offering to adapt to increasing pressure, without compromising care quality. Alison Waller hopes that the use of modern technology can ‘provide assurance to service users, their families and their carers.’ 

2iC-Care are experts in digital transformation and interoperable care technology. Corserv Care has a deep understanding of what Cornish residents need and what great care looks like. This partnership combines the right experience and expertise to improve health and care outcomes across Cornwall to protect the happiness and well-being of service users.

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