Connected Care & Data Platform for TEC

2iC-Care Technology Key Features

Connected care and data platform for TEC

Data and trend analysis are key to effective, holistic technology enabled care and better outcomes for everyone.

The 2iC-Care solution provides the connected care platform and tailored dashboards that bring it all together.

A unique, intelligent connected care platform

2iC-Care provides a unique, intelligent software platform for the care sector. The 2iC-Care platform allows care providers to easily connect to any device type to provide personalised monitoring care solutions for service users, while enabling a new era of proactive, preventative care.

The 2iC-Care Intelli Home Hub integrates the widest range devices and sensors—with digital interoperability made possible by 2iC-Care’s unique software. The hub then communicates with 2iC-Care’s cloud-based connected care platform, which provides both care and business data and analytics.
Care data insights delivered to the 2iC-Care Intelli

  • Data is tailored to each service user for a personalised care solution
  • Analysis is performed in real time by the platform—with trends and observations analysed to indicate potential issues, and early warnings given to help prevent incidents from happening
  • Timely information is then made available to the service user’s care and support network via an easy-to-understand dashboard accessed on desktop, tablet or smartphone
  • Dashboards are available for both a formal care and support network (e.g. monitoring call centre, employed carer etc) and an informal care and support network (e.g. family, friends and neighbours).
Commercial data insights delivered to the 2iC-Care Business Analytics Platform

  • Easy-to-use dashboard-based analytics
  • Tailored to the needs of the care organisation, such as a local authority care department
  • Ability to analyse usage, invoicing and other care plan/contract related details
  • Ability to assess broader patterns of behaviour of the service user.

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