Digital Interoperability

2iC-Care Technology Key Features

Digital Interoperability

Our award-winning IoT software enables complex bi-directional interoperability between an unlimited range of device types and software platforms. It achieves this across Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular or any other transport layer.

Further, it’s a fully digital solution that provides an open, interoperable future for technology enabled care (TEC) with the analytics and data-driven insights necessary for care organisations to transition from reactive care to proactive, preventative care.

From proprietary limitations to an exciting, open future

Achieving interoperability is fundamental to the future of TEC, yet this is a sector traditionally dominated by proprietary solutions. Telecare and telehealth devices therefore typically:

  • Talk different languages and protocols
  • Supply many different data types
  • Act on different instructions
  • Transfer data across different ‘bearers’ or transport layers, such as Wi-Fi, analogue landlines, broadband and Bluetooth.

A new era of proactive, preventative and personalised care

Interoperability in the context of telecare and telehealth is the ability of systems or devices to exchange data, convert it into actionable information and instruct other devices and/or inform carers and stakeholders based on the best possible facts.

2iC-Care is the breakthrough, open, digital interoperability solution that makes all of this possible.

It enables bi-directional, device-to-device interoperability while also connecting in real time to our cloud-based intelligent connected care platform to enable a new era of proactive, preventative and personalised care built on data-driven insights.

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