2iC-Care’s Social Care Interoperability Solution

Richard Keyse, CEO | 12 Oct, 2021 |

We're thrilled to unveil 2iC-Care's innovative Social Care Interoperable Solution, a game-changer in the domiciliary care sector. For the past year, we've been discussing the potential of this revolutionary technology, and now it's time to showcase its real-world impact.

Key Features of Our Interoperable Solution

- Cutting-edge interoperability solution for social care
- Transforming domiciliary care delivery
- Fulfilling promises to industry leaders

Industry Reception

Many esteemed health and care executives have patiently awaited our development of what was once deemed "impossible." Witnessing their reactions as our promises materialise into tangible solutions has been incredibly rewarding.

Addressing Critical Challenges in Social Care

The feedback we've received has been overwhelmingly positive, validating the transformative power of the Andi, the alarm response and monitoring solution's interoperability in addressing critical challenges within the social care sector.

Stay tuned for more updates on how 2iC-Care is reshaping the future of domiciliary care!

Learn more about 2iC-Care's Social Care Interoperable Solution here.

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