Revolutionising Social Care with the latest IoT Capabilities

Richard Keyse, CEO | 19 Oct, 2021 |

The social care sector stands at a pivotal moment, poised to leverage the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. As we introduce Andi, our groundbreaking TEC solution, we're set to transform the landscape of social and healthcare delivery.

Learning from Other Sectors' IoT Missteps

The implementation of IoT systems is growing in all industries, with a estimated 19.08 billion IoT connected devices worldwide by 2025. Technology enabled care providers in social care have a unique advantage: we can learn from the IoT mistakes made in other industries. While interoperability has been a buzzword for years, its true potential extends far beyond simply connecting devices from different manufacturers. 

Embracing the Latest IoT Capabilities

The social care sector has been slower to adopt IoT technologies, which have been around for a decade. However, this delay offers an opportunity to bypass outdated systems and immediately implement the most advanced IoT solutions available today and start discovering the benefits of IoT solutions.

Introducing Andi: A Revolution in Dispersed Alarm Systems

Andi represents the next generation of IoT in social care. As the first dispersed alarm unit with distributed IoT software, Andi is designed for preventative care and seamless interoperability with virtually any care peripheral from any manufacturer.

Key features of Andi include:

- Distributed IoT software enabling complex bi-directional interoperability
- Compatibility with an unlimited range of device types and software platforms
- Ability to command peripherals, such as activating smart lightbulbs in response to door sensors

Our award-winning IoT software is set to redefine what's possible in social care technology, offering unprecedented levels of integration and responsiveness.

Real-World Impact: Enhancing Quality of Life for Service Users

Consider Sarah, an elderly woman living independently with early-stage dementia. With Andi integrated into her home, her care can be significantly enhanced:

- When Sarah's door sensor detects she's leaving the house at an unusual hour, Andi can automatically turn on an outdoor light and send an alert to her caregiver.
- If Sarah's medication dispenser notes a missed dose, Andi can trigger a reminder through her smart speaker and notify her care team if needed.
- Should Sarah fall, detected by a wearable device, Andi can immediately alert emergency services while turning on all house lights for easier access.

This seamless integration of various devices and systems through Andi creates a safer, more responsive environment, allowing Sarah to maintain her independence while providing peace of mind to her family and caregivers.

By embracing these advanced IoT capabilities, the social care sector can avoid the pitfalls experienced in other industries and leap directly into a more efficient, responsive, and interconnected future of care delivery, significantly improving the lives of service users like Sarah.

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