Adoption of new technologies in care already proven in other sectors

2iC-Care | 02 Aug, 2022 |

We sometimes get asked, “Why is interoperability so important in healthcare?” and this interesting article provides a high-level explanation.

It states that most health technology is developed in a vacuum creating silos of critical information that are inaccessible and unconnected in caring for patients. By contrast, we know that an interoperable and holistic view of the service user can prevent unnecessary call-outs or critical situations being missed.

2iC-Care provides this holistic view through its unique software platform, which allows care providers to easily connect to any device-type to provide personalised monitoring care solutions for service users.​

There is no longer the need to navigate multiple source systems to retrieve data. Our solution changes the current way of working to exploit openness, interoperability and new device-types in order to provide both a personalised and comprehensive solution to service users.

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