2iC-Care renews its mission for 2023.

Richard Keyse, CEO | 09 Jan, 2023 |

With the return to work, are you feeling the January blues? Perhaps you’re facing an intimidating inbox full of the tasks you deemed to be a ‘January’ problem’. 

On the other hand, you may be enthused, optimistic and determined to stick to resolutions to make 2023 your year! 

However you find yourself this January, it is the time of year to reflect on the last twelve months and anticipate what lies ahead. 

2023 is set to be a big year for the telecare and TEC sector and with so much ahead, it can be easy to forget the mission behind the work we do. For many, care sector work is also personal. This can make decision-making tougher at times, but it is also a driving motivator.

Debbie Haski-Leventhal, Professor of Management and CSR at Macquarie University, positions this well. She said "Passion is like the electricity in the car, but the purpose is the direction that the car is driving. You need passion. You need to be passionate about purpose, otherwise, the car won't get going."

Like many peers in the telecare and TEC sector, the 2iC-Care team are driven by purpose and today, we are renewing this purpose for 2023. 

2iC-Care's founder and CEO, Richard Keyse, was living remotely from his mother when she was diagnosed with dementia. Richard’s mother received domiciliary care and eventually moved into a full-service care home. 

During this time, Richard’s eyes were opened to the many challenges facing an older or vulnerable person, their family and the care system. Among other challenges, Richard found himself frustrated by the inability to access reliable information at the relevant time to help in times of need.  This experience showed Richard that the care sector was in a difficult place and unable to fully serve those who relied on it. 

At this moment of reflection, as a lifelong technologist and Director at 2iC, Richard realised the answer was under his nose. At the time, 2iC was the software platform of choice for digital interoperability and Richard knew that this world-leading technology could be the solution.

2iC is a unique software built for the defence sector that allows complex bi-directional interoperability between an unlimited range of device types and software platforms.

As Richard dug deeper into the problems at hand, he realised that key issues facing the care sector such as supplier lock-in, the inability to personalise care, staying connected in hard-to-reach areas and delivering preventative care could all be solved with 2iC’s technology. So, Richard set about building the solution and founded 2iC-Care October 2020.

As we enter 2023, the 2iC-Care platform serves the care sector to solve the challenges Richard saw and the team has grown immensely but 2iC-Care is still driven by the purpose that began it all. 

If you would like to learn how 2iC-Care can give your TEC service a bright future, talk to the team today. 

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