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Grace Thomson | 06 Apr, 2023 |

We are thrilled to announce that the 2iC-Care team has recently welcomed a new member, Hollie Jamison, who brings a wealth of Technology Enabled Care experience to the team. Hollie has joined 2iC-Care as TEC Transformation Manager.

Prior to joining 2iC-Care, Hollie held several key positions within the TEC industry including Falls Prevention Team Leader, ARC Manager and most recently, Service Manager at Millbrook. Hollie demonstrates an exceptional commitment to TEC and brings a perspective that will accelerate 2iC-Care's mission to innovate the TEC sector. Hollie will lead all projects of 2iC-Care's Andi solution to ensure that local authorities achieve their digital transformation objectives and improve care outcomes. 

I caught up with Hollie to hear why she decided to join 2iC-Care what she is most excited about!

GT: Hollie, looking to your future with 2iC-Care, what excites you most about joining the team?

HJ: I am excited to be one of the leaders innovating TEC. For me, this innovation isn’t just the technology itself, I also see that 2iC-Care are innovating the culture of the TEC sector.

I knew that Andi, by 2iC-Care, is an open technology solution but it became clear to me that 2iC-Care are also an open book, they want to partner with local authorities and other TEC suppliers to take TEC to the next level. It’s exciting that if you want to work with 2iC-Care, then they are open to it and you can, that openness is encouraging and exciting to me.

Looking at the role, I knew that I would be responsible for end-to-end project management for clients and being able to hit every factor the client needed to meet their objectives, on time, will be really satisfying!

 GT: What challenges do you foresee Andi, by 2iC-Care, solving for the TEC sector?

HJ: My passion is operations management, that covers everything from data management to stock management. Over the years in the sector, I’ve been frustrated with stock management and the impact this has had on services and service users.

Because Andi can connect to any device type from any manufacturer, it provides the flexibility that make the logistics of running a TEC service so much easier! I’m excited to bring this flexibility to the market, it’s nice to be able to say, “I’ve been in your shoes, and I’ve got the solution!” The other benefit of the flexibility that Andi provides is customer choice, the fact Andi is a single solution that can offer customer choice, is a winner!

GT: We’re so excited to have you join us Hollie, anything else you’d like to add?

HJ: I do want to say that I’ve worked with great teams before but from the time I’ve spent with everyone at 2iC-Care I’m loving how open, collaborative and integrated the team is. I see that there is an internal culture of collaboration and idea sharing in the pursuit of progress that matches our external mission. The fact is, no one has all the answers, we all need to work together to truly innovate TEC.  

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