Andi connects to CareNet Evo to enable better alarm response.

2iC-Care | 21 Sep, 2023 |

Andi, by 2iC-Care, is the award-winning technology enabled care (TEC) solution that puts interoperability first. Andi caught the attention of the care sector due to its ability to connect to any peripheral type from virtually any manufacturer, and 2iC-Care are pleased that CareNet EVO, digital call handling platform from Appello, users can now leverage Andi as a dispersed alarm unit.


A key benefit of connecting Andi to CareNet EVO is that Andi increases the end-to-end resilience of connected technology enabled care systems. Andi never gives up sending an alarm or alert to the ARC.  Moreover, when signal is poor, Andi automatically switches between Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and SIM to find the best route for the alarm to reach CareNet EVO. If required, Andi can even redirect alarms from Andi’s cloud to CareNet EVO directly!


CareNet EVO is trusted by monitoring providers across the UK and has enabled the management of millions of digital TEC calls, more than any other call handling platform.


Richard Keyse, CEO of 2iC-Care says,Collaborating with Appello is a natural step for 2iC-Care as we have the goal of being the most collaborative technology supplier in the care sector. 2iC-Care are proud to partner with Appello, who share the view that great technology is an essential tool to unlock better care outcomes.


Shane Blackley, Programme Delivery Manager at Appello said:We are thrilled to have partnered with 2iC-Care’s dispersed alarm, Andi. Appello’s award-winning monitoring platform, CareNet EVO has been designed to support the evolution of digital services and the importance of interoperability in digital devices. This enables providers to evolve their digital solutions to meet customer demand, whilst providing monitoring stability, scalability, and flexibility. We are very much looking forward to what the future holds for Appello and 2iC-Care.

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