Scotland puts Andi to the test.

Grace Thomson | 16 Oct, 2023 |

2iC-Care and the Digital Office for Scottish Local Government are proud to launch a significant pilot of the award-winning technology enabled care solution, Andi, across four local authorities in Scotland.  

Participants are the City of Edinburgh Council, North Ayrshire Council, South Ayrshire Council and Aberdeenshire Council. To date, the application of Andi has focused on individual local authorities, this is the first collaborative application. This method will ensure a comprehensive evaluation of Andi's capabilities across varying contexts and geographies and 2iC-Care are confident that this collaboration will deliver the evidence required to drive the modernisation of Adult Social Care in Scotland. 2iC-Care and the Digital Office for Scottish Local Government are working closely with all contributors to ensure a smooth, safe transition to a digital service for telecare service-users from 2025. 

Andi, by 2iC-Care, is the breakout TEC innovation of 2023. Andi provides Adult Social Care teams with world leading interoperability to create a flexible, scalable and future-proofed TEC service. Andi’s hub can connect to any care peripheral type, and Andi’s dashboard centralises all data to provide a single source of truth for TEC services. Andi improves care outcomes by enabling complete personalisation of care packages which can adapt to growing or changing needs. Additionally, Andi eases the 2025 digital transition as care providers can continue to use your current peripheral stock after 2025. 

David Brown, Digital Telecare Business Relationship Manager, said: "The national Digital Telecare programme was created to help authorities navigate the digital migration. Throughout its existence, the programme has closely tied to a unified 'Once for Scotland' approach. This multi-agency test, therefore, is important to robustly test the capabilities of the Andi solution and to allow that to be shared with the wider telecare landscape.

Key objectives of the pilot. 

Objective 1: Connect one hub to peripherals from multiple manufacturers. 

Test Andi’s ability to connect to different peripherals from multiple manufacturers both existing peripheral providers and newer providers. This objective will evidence that peripheral stock can be used, via Andi, after the digital switchover and this will evidence that Andi is interoperable with multiple devices. 

Objective 2: Efficacy of Andi in varied geographies and bandwidth.  

Test Andi’s ability to send alarms and alerts in a range of geographies including regions with low bandwidth. Andi was designed to function in areas of poor bandwidth, this objective seeks to validate Andi’s ability to keep service-users connected who would have otherwise struggled to stay connected in a digital world. 

Objective 3: Reliability of raising alarms and alerts. 

Validate that Andi can raise an alarm or alert to a digital ARC and test Andi’s ability to capture and share environmental data. The objective will affirm that Andi is a high-functioning dispersed alarm unit as well as a tool to source a wide range of high-quality service-user specific data.  

As the pilot progresses, the Digital Office for Scottish Local Government and 2iC-Care will closely monitor the results and gather feedback from all stakeholders. At 10am on 24th October, prior to the conclusion of the pilot, 2iC-Care are hosting a webinar for all Scottish Local authorities or other interested parties to discuss the scope and initial findings of the pilot. Register your place here to watch live or receive the recording.  

Colin McFayden, Digital Telecare Senior Programme Manager said: "We're hopeful that this test will allow us to explore the capabilities of Andi, particularly its claims of interconnectivity, and to provide us with the data to share those results with partnerships across Scotland.

Founder and CEO of 2iC-Care Richard Keyse says “Via this collaborative pilot, the Digital Office for Scottish Local Government have echoed 2iC-Care's commitment to fostering innovation, efficiency, and service-user centric solutions to the analogue to digital transition. Our team are excited about working with Scottish local authorities to deliver meaningful change to the Adult Social Care sector.“ 

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