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Mercedes Forest | 30 Oct, 2023 |

In a recent webinar, our industry experts James Lampert, Head of Innovation and Partnerships in TEC from NRS Healthcare, Paul Higginbottom, Strategic Commissioning and Partnerships Manager at Sheffield City Council and Richard Kennedy, Managing Director at 2iC-Care explored the changing landscape of Technology Enabled Care (TEC) commissioning.  If you're short on time, here are the essential takeaways; although, we highly recommend watching the entire conversation for all the valuable insights shared.

The session emphasised three crucial themes:

  • It delved into the reasons why is there a need to adapt the way we commission TEC.
  • It offered practical guidance on how commissioners can develop a modern mindset.
  • It highlighted the importance of partnerships to achieve a sustainable TEC transformation.


Why is there a need to adapt how we commission TEC?

Embracing the transition from analogue to digital is not just a challenge but a significant opportunity for modern commissioners.

While some view it as a challenge, modern commissioners see it as a chance to usher in a new era of faster, smarter, and more reliable digital solutions. Embracing the use of digital technologies in service users' homes provide access to valuable data insights, such as trend and behaviour analysis that enables a proactive, preventative approach to healthcare.

By understanding the potential of modern technology and fostering enduring partnerships with suppliers, commissioners can move beyond cost-conscious approaches. Shifting focus towards quality and forming strategic, long-term alliances creates sustainable, outcome-driven solutions. This approach transforms the digital switchover from a mere inconvenience into a golden opportunity for advancing care and health practices.


Developing the Mindset of a Modern Commissioner

Developing the mindset of a modern commissioner is crucial for embracing the future of adult social services in TEC.

  • Paul Higginbottom emphasised that a modern commissioner must be courageous. A modern commissioner's mindset looks to bridge gaps between health and social care to advocate for a comprehensive approach to promote a holistic system.

  • Understanding internal strategies is vital, this ensures informed decision-making, while continuous learning keeps commissioners updated with evolving methods. By focusing on quality and seeing technology as a transformative method, commissioners can drive systemic changes.
  • Collaboration and knowledge-sharing across local authorities, harnessing regional strengths and combining efforts, can make these innovations more affordable and effective.
  • Quality focus, viewing technology as a catalyst for systemic change rather than isolated projects, is essential.


Embracing Partnerships for Sustainable Transformation

Partnerships between local authorities, health colleagues, consultancy firms, service and technology providers are at the heart of TEC commissioning in the digital age. Commissioners must recognise their limitations and seek long-term, trustworthy partnerships with suppliers. These collaborations aren’t transactional but transformative, rooted in mutual trust and a shared vision for improving lives and reducing reactive care costs. It’s about embracing change, putting faith in data-driven decision-making, and understanding that true partnerships require enduring relationships and a commitment to shared goals. Understanding the potential of modern technology and building strong, long-term partnerships with suppliers is key. Instead of focusing solely on cost, the focus should shift to quality and strategic partnerships to create sustainable, outcome-driven solutions.

In conclusion, this webinar session uncovered key elements for commissioners to take away and integrate into their TEC strategy. In summary, it’s not just about adopting new technology; it’s about adopting a new mindset and fostering meaningful, enduring partnerships. The future is digital, and with the right strategies and partnerships, commissioners can lead the way into this promising new era. Andi, 2iC-Care’s award-winning digital TEC solution, delivers intelligent reactive care and enables life-changing preventative care in one solution. We feel passionate about working with commissioners in creating future-proof digital strategies, we created a useful guide that helps navigating through these challenging times.

Download our Building and executing a digital strategy guide here


Thank you to our expert panellists and our moderator Grace Thomson (2iC-Care).

You can watch the full recording of the webinar here.

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