Andi and Pippa partner to increase fire safety at home.

Grace Thomson | 12 Mar, 2024 |

Andi, the TEC solution for smart alarm response and preventative care has integrated with cutting-edge fire-safety technology Pippa to help keep people safe at home. 

Pippa isn't like a fire alarm activated by fire; it functions as an advanced alert system. It softly notifies service-users if their food is burning or if the stove is left unattended and could potentially ignite. With Pippa, older and vulnerable people receive ample time to switch off the cooker, preventing a possible household fire. 

Dr Samuel Bailey, Founder and CEO at Pippa says ‘Cooking fires are by far the largest cause of residential fires. These fires kill people, damage entire blocks of properties and are a common precursor for putting elderly people in full-time care. Pippa protects people from the risk of stove fires by warning them of the danger before a fire breaks out. This enables them to live safer, more independent lives for longer. Pippa also protects properties, reduces emergency services callouts, and reduces the costs of caring for an ageing population.’

Collaboration, powered by interoperability is the future of care technology. Samuel Bailey sees that ‘addressing the major risks to residents in the care sector – fires, falls, medical risks – by integrating multiple assistive technologies help provide better outcomes for residents, while making the management of those devices easier and more effective.’ 

Richard Keyse, Founder and CEO of 2iC-Care says ‘it was innovative and smart devices like Pippa that encouraged me to found 2iC-Care and deliver Andi to the care sector. The team behind Pippa have worked for years to develop a leading-edge fire safety product. It is a testament to how focused effort delivers sector-changing innovation.’ 

By connecting Pippa to Andi, service users can be safer at home whilst also being monitored for other health and care needs. Connecting sophisticated and valuable care devices such as Pippa evidences the strength of Andi’s bi-directional open protocol interoperability and is an indicator for how the TEC sector will continue to become more effective via integration and collaboration.”

Pippa and Andi will both be used within a specialist residential complex which caters to complex needs. Stay tuned with 2iC-Care for updates about how. 

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