Mark Smith is Back Transforming Technology Enabled Care

Alex Fulcher | 28 Mar, 2024 |

2iC-Care is excited to announce Mark Smith as the newest addition to our team in the role of Business Development Director. With over 33 years of experience in technology enabled care services and SAAS (software-as-a-service), Mark brings a wealth of expertise that aligns perfectly with 2iC-Care's mission to revolutionise care delivery through actionable insights and interoperability with Andi the digital dispersed alarm unit and software solution. 

A Passion for Empowering Independence 

Mark's passion for technology enabled care was sparked during his early career at Tunstall Healthcare, where he gained first-hand experience with the life-changing potential of connected care solutions. As he recounts:

"Tunstall then was a visionary in being the button and box scenario in the first instance, and then clearly grew to market leader...in delivering...technology for certainly the most vulnerable in society, usually the elderly." 

This experience ignited Mark's drive to empower independence and improve care outcomes for the most vulnerable populations. Over the decades, he has witnessed the transformative impact of preventative, proactive care models powered by data. 

2iC-Care's Vision of Interoperability  

When asked what drew him to 2iC-Care, Mark cites the company's pioneering vision for a truly connected, data-driven approach to care: 

"I've just been waiting for the right company that matches my ambitions to be able to really drive change and a different model of care within health, housing and social care through data insight and interoperability across the technologies." 

Andi is both a dispersed alarm unit and a preventative care solution and Mark believes that its open, interoperable, resilient software will revolutionise care delivery by empowering personalised, preventative support for vulnerable people by collecting key data to deliver actionable insights. 

If you would like to find out more about why interoperability is so vital, please see what our Head of Partnerships and Marketing has to say: Why is process, device and information interoperability the key to future-proofing care? 

Tackling the Analogue to Digital (A2D) Transition 

As the care sector races to meet the looming A2D deadline, Mark advises local authorities care providers to view this transition as an opportunity for transformation rather than a like-for-like equipment swap:   

"I think there's a real opportunity here to partner with a company that's going to deliver not just your phase one, which is your analogue to digital changeovers, but I think then the opportunity to be able to build on those services to even bring those services even further forward to provide a true preventative approach to care." 

By embracing future-proof solutions like Andi, local authorities care providers can leverage the A2D transition to enhance services, enable early intervention, and slow the care pathway - a win-win for service users and government budgets alike. 

The Future of Technology Enabled Care 

Looking ahead, Mark envisions a "tsunami of movement" towards personalised, community-driven care powered by self-monitoring technologies and data-driven insights: 

"I think the future is around self-care, I think it's around family and friends and I think it's around just insight...So everyone's got a smart watch at this moment in time that tells you perhaps what your blood pressure is...it's about you understanding your own body, your own signs, your own indicators around what type of care you need and how you need it." 

As wearables and smart home devices multiply, 2iC-Care is ready to ingrate a wide range of data sources into the Andi platform, facilitating a holistic, person-centred care experience. 

A Warm Welcome 

With his deep industry expertise and passionate advocacy for technology's role in enhancing independence and wellbeing, Mark Smith is an invaluable addition to the 2iC-Care family. We are thrilled to have him spearheading our business development efforts as we strive to pioneer the future of connected preventative care. 

Adult social care providers interested in learning more about leveraging digital transformation to enhance services are encouraged to reach out to Mark and the sales team directly here

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