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Alex Fulcher | 09 Apr, 2024 |

Technology Enabled Care Partnerships

At 2iC-Care, we are thrilled to be recognised by Natasha Corness, the Technology Enabled Care Innovation Lead at Essex County Council, in the Municipal Journal as an example of the type of collaborative partnership that has been instrumental in their digital transformation journey.

Read the full article here: Cultivating digital transformation in social care across Essex (themj.co.uk)

Shared Responsibility and Accountability

In her article, Natasha specifically highlighted 2iC-Care as a TEC SaaS provider driving a new approach of shared responsibility and accountability between technology supplier and care prescriber. This new approach is crucial for impactful culture change and Essex County Councils commitment to embracing innovative solutions that truly meet the needs of their community is one to take note of.

Natasha underscored the importance of forging collaborative partnerships with technology suppliers who share their person-centered goals and values. While Essex is not currently using the Andi digital dispersed alarm from 2iC-Care, we have found that this model of shared responsibility and accountability has been crucial in driving success for our other partners.

Interoperability and Seamless Integration

Essex's vision for the future of technology-enabled care is one centered around interoperability and seamless integration. Natasha noted that they, like 2iC-Care, see a future where people can easily connect their familiar operational dashboards with new technologies, reducing the need for extensive relearning.  This aligns perfectly with 2iC-Care's mission to build personalised care plans integrating bespoke selections of care peripherals from multiple manufacturers and choice of relevant data monitoring to result in actionable insights for care providers and recipients.

A Digital Transformation Journey

Essex's Digital Transformation journey is a true testament to the power of collaborative partnerships and a steadfast commitment to continuous improvement.

Culture of Engagement and Empowerment

By empowering frontline care staff and community organisations as "Digital Champions," Essex County Council has ensured that technology is not just a distant concept, but a tangible and accessible resource for those who need it.

Data-Driven Approach

Essex's data-backed approach to technology enabled care has allowed them to refine assessments, review waitlists, and anticipate and respond to emerging trends. This adaptability and willingness to explore the market for novel solutions that address evolving needs is truly inspiring.

We encourage you to read the full article in the Municipal Journal to learn more about Essex's impressive digital transformation journey and the pivotal role that collaborative partnerships have played in its success.

Read the full article here: Cultivating digital transformation in social care across Essex (themj.co.uk)

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