Multiple Transport Layers

2iC-Care Technology Key Features

Multiple transport layers

Poor cellular signal or no access to Wi-Fi? Not a problem.

The 2iC-Care solution communicates via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, cellular signal, RF869 and Zigbee, or any other transport layer, helping to ensure that alerts get through to carers and loved ones.

A future-proof digital solution
With the UK’s transition from analogue phone lines to digital phone lines underway, care providers who rely on technology enabled care, monitoring and alerts need a solution.

2iC-Care is that solution—a reliable, proven, future-proof solution.

  • The 2iC-Care Intelli Home Hub (home-based hardware) is able to communicate with any device type using various wireless transport layers such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and RF869
  • The 2iC-Care connected care/IOT platform (cloud-based software) is completely agnostic of data transmission mechanism
  • The 2iC-Care Intelli Home Hub is able to communicate with the 2iC-Care connected care/IOT platform via landline, cellular and broadband, thereby providing backup should any of these transport layers be temporarily unavailable.

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