Announcement: 2iC-Care is now a QSF Certified Organisation.

2iC-Care | 09 Jan, 2023 |

We are thrilled to announce that 2iC-Care is now a QSF Certified Organisation.

The Quality Standards Framework is a standards programme that supports organisations providing TEC products and services, based on the principles of Quality, Safety, Innovation and Continuous Improvement.

Sir David Pearson, Chair of TEC Quality says: “The QSF drives accountability and gives local authorities confidence that they are commissioning the right services.
But crucially, it gives reassurance to people, their relatives and friends. They know that the life-critical services they rely on have reached certain standards and won’t let them down.”

A huge thank you to everybody who helped us achieve this accomplishment and to the TEC Quality team at the TSA for the journey.

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