HMT use 2iC-Care TEC to improve care for Bromley Care home

Grace Thomson | 20 Mar, 2024 |

2iC-Care and The Healthcare Management Trust (HMT) are working in partnership to launch an innovative project to explore how remote monitoring can support HMT to deliver even more personalised care to people living in a care home in Bromley. 

2iC-Care's TEC solution, Andi, which is a state-of-the-art remote monitoring system, will be installed in Coloma Court Care Home. 

Andi is a technology enabled care solution which allows fully personalised remote monitoring for individuals to ensure personal needs are catered for. Andi can protect the health and well-being of people by spotting opportunities for early intervention. 

2iC-Care have successfully worked in partnership with Wirral Council to use Andi to prevent hospital admissions and North Yorkshire Council to keep service users connected to care services in rural areas but this is the first time the system has been used within the care home environment.

A total of twenty-six residents from Coloma Court Care Home have volunteered to participate in the year-long pilot. HMT are hoping that the data collected by the system will identify changes in behaviour that even their residents are not aware of, but will enable them to provide better, more personalised support. Where Andi identifies ‘actionable insights’, HMT will explore how they can improve their care, including timely referrals to a medical professional for further investigation as needed. HMT expect prevention of falls, identification of infections and socialisation to be key areas of interest.

CEO Nichola Stefanou expressed enthusiasm about the pilot, stating, “HMT is very excited to see the results of the pilot, the impact it can have on the quality of our care and how this shapes the future of our services.” 

Richard Keyse, Founder and CEO of 2iC-Care said "it is great to be collaborating with HMT and the London Borough of Bromley on this project. Technology can and must play a far greater role in supporting the health and wellbeing of our older population. Partnerships, like this one, between care providers, councils and technology suppliers, are key to revolutionising how we deliver care to provide better care outcomes."

The project is being closely coordinated with the London Borough of Bromley and Southeast London Integrated Care Board (ICB), ensuring that insights gained from the pilot are shared and utilised to maximise the benefits from the community. 

This pilot represents a significant step forward in HMT’s commitment to innovation in healthcare, aiming to set new standards in personalised care for residents in care homes across the region.

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