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Alex Fulcher | 25 Mar, 2024 |

2iC-Care and Panacea Healthcare Group have entered a strategic partnership to accelerate the adoption of world-class, high-quality technology in the UK Care sector.

Harry MacLean, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Panacea Healthcare Group said, “Panacea Healthcare are delighted to enter a strategic relationship with 2iC-Care. Partnerships and collaboration are the key to delivering better care outcomes, and our complementary offerings of hardware, software and peripherals fit perfectly.

In this case the award-winning Andi hub and software seamlessly integrates with our frient devices. 

It’s not just about our products though, people are integral to offering outstanding solutions together. From the first conversations with Grace and the team at 2iC-Care we were impressed by the ambition, drive and character of everyone involved.

Sharing information and ideas toward a common goal of improved care provision, preventative solutions and personalised support is a focus for both our companies. We’re excited for this partnership and looking forward to the positive impact this will have on the care industry.”

To date, local authorities and care services across the UK have connected frient devices to Andi in the homes of service users. This interoperability has provided key insights which have prevented avoidable hospital admissions and enabled reassessment of care over prescribed care packages to allocate care spending better. This partnership builds upon this evidence base to drive the progress and adoption of preventative care across local authorities, care homes and care providers.

Grace Thomson, Head of Partnerships at 2iC-Care says “we are excited to be working with Panacea Healthcare Group. This partnership leverages 2iC-Care and Panacea’s unique but complementary strengths. With Panacea’s key distributor agreements, installation expertise and support provision and Andi’s highly interoperable hub and software platform, smart and effective technology enabled care, which improves outcomes and independence is possible. 

It has been a joy working with the Panacea team. Harry and Billy deeply understand the life-changing impact that modern technology can have on care operations and quality. It is great to be partnering with a team who are equally as passionate about the transformative power of data-led preventative care as we are at 2iC-Care. “

To learn more about how connecting frient to Andi can transform care delivery, speak to a member of the team. 

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