2iC-Care Technology Key Features

Device agnostic

Our software has already been used to connect devices and systems from over 20 manufacturers.

We can connect legacy and leading-edge telecare and telehealth devices from any smart device manufacturer.

Device type and manufacturer agnostic

The 2iC-Care solution is device type and manufacturer agnostic. This means that any device type — fall detector, blood pressure monitor, smart scales, PIR sensor and countless other devices and sensors from the widest range of manufacturers — can all be connected together in a single, integrated, personalised monitoring care solution.

Moreover, these connected devices can all talk to each other via bi-directional digital interoperability and using a common language—all made possible by the unique 2iC-Care software.

  • Device costs driven down
  • Greater choice and flexibility when choosing devices to meet each service user’s needs
  • Comprehensive personalised and preventative care plans for each service user
  • Rapid device integration
  • Increased assurance for care organisations that they are delivering the most appropriate care solution
  • Greater peace of mind for service users and their families and support networks.

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