2iC-Care Technology Key Features

Open protocols

Unlike proprietary solutions, the 2iC-Care solution is built using open protocol technology that is openly accessible and usable by anyone.

For local authorities, other care providers and end users, that means more choice and reduced costs.

The Lean Services Architecture open protocol

Invented and authored by 2iC and published as an Open Government Licence, the Lean Services Architecture (LSA) is the underpinning technology for 2iC-Care open digital interoperability.

LSA is an advanced open protocol that has been proven worldwide in the defence sector. Now LSA is revolutionising the care sector by enabling telecare and telehealth devices and systems to communicate with each other—faster and more easily than ever imagined.

Using the open protocol LSA to connect everything together, 2iC-Care’s open digital operability solution can greatly enhance the efficacy of remote care and drive real business value in the care sector.
Drive down device costs while also supporting both legacy and new devices
Enable intelligent analytics for a holistic picture of the service user, while also enabling incident prevention.
Enable personalised care and a solution that grows with the service user’s needs
Be far more effective at event or alarm identification because data from different devices can be instantly cross-referenced.

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Technology as the new model of care

The 2iC-Care solution is creating enormous interest in the care sector because those of charge of delivering care solutions have long acknowledged that the sector needs to use technology to transform and improve its services. There has been much talk of technology being ‘the new model of care’ and 2iC-Care’s open protocol digital interoperability enables the delivery of this model for monitoring patients in their homes.

Technically, LSA is an open schema-based request/response and event message protocol and supporting architecture. It provides a Services Orientated Architecture (SOA) in environments with similar challenges, such as:
      • Technology enabled care (TEC)
      • Front line emergency services
      • The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT)
      • The operational and tactical military domain.

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