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The article below from Sky News affirms that the UK’s population from aged 65 years and over has increased significantly. The need for domiciliary care is growing rapidly, and without significant increases in funding the sector needs to deliver more with the resources it has.Our aim is to provide world class technology solutions to elderly and vulnerable people and their support network, which allows them to live independently with the highest possible safety and quality of life....
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With advances in digital healthcare technologies, the potential for older and vulnerable people to live at home for longer is available now. We are delighted that the Government also sees this. Its recent adult social care reform white paper highlights its commitment over the next three years to provide at least £150M of additional funding to drive greater adoption of technology and achieve widespread digitisation across social care.  You can read the paper here:&nb...
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Featured article from Healthwatch England
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There is an acute shortage of carers and limited finances. 2iC-Care offers a very different technology platform and a highly cost-effective solution.
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Telecare was designed to respond to incidents (falls, fire, personal alarms). Our digital, data-centric solution enables the identification of warning signs that an incident is imminent and preventable.
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