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Panacea partnership launch.

Panacea partnership launch.

2iC-Care | 25 Mar 2024 | Breaking News

2iC-Care and Panacea Healthcare Group have entered a strategic partnership to accelerate the adoption of world-class, high-quality technology in the UK Care sector.

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Wirral Case Study

Andi prevents Health and Adults Social care emergency for Wirral Council

Grace Thomson | 06 Oct 2023 | Breaking News

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Health tech digital feature on cornwall and 2iC-Care's AndiRead More
Andi in the Press

Revolutionising Telecare: My Insights on Andi by 2iC-Care

Mark Smith, 2iC-Care's Business Development Director, has over 30 years of experience within TEC and he is excited to share insights on how Andi is addressing longstanding challenges and opening up ne...

The Experts’ Opinion: How to Diversify Technology Enabled Care Solutions 

The recent webinar hosted by 2iC Care, delved into "Diversifying Technology Enabled Care for the Future," offering insights and perspectives from industry experts, read more for the key takeaways.

Webinar on demand - Diversifying Technology Enabled Care for the Future

The world of technology enabled care (TEC) is rapidly evolving, providing new opportunities to support individuals with diverse needs across different care settings. However, it's crucial that we look...

News on the Analogue to Digital Technology Enabled Care Transition

With the recent announcement extending the deadline for the digital switchover to January 31, 2027, telecare stakeholders now have additional time to strategically navigate this transformation.

A Vision for the Future: 2iC-Care Integrates PacSana's TEC Solution

2iC-Care are pleased to announce that we are connected to the innovative PacSana solution. PacSana is a Smart bracelet and Remote Care Platform custom built for older adults.

Debunking Myths About Technology Enabled Care

Myths can prevent care providers utilising TEC solutions that could really change care, 2iC-Care address and dispel some of the most common misconceptions about technology enabled care.

Six Service Users of Technology Enabled Care Infographic

TEC has the potential to cater to a wide range of service users with diverse needs. 2iC-Care have created an infographic about TEC being beyond a one-size-fits-all solution for the elderly.

Andi & Companion Watch Seamlessly Integrate Care into Everyday Life

2iC-Care's brand-new integration with Companion Watch, a cutting-edge wearable care technology, that promotes independence, safety, and reassurance delivers interoperability and personalisation. 

Sony UK Technology Centre & 2iC-Care Manufacturing Agreement

2iC-Care are proud to announce that the business has entered into an exciting manufacturing agreement with Sony UK Technology Centre (UK TEC).

6 Reasons Why Peripheral Flexibility is Key in TEC Services

Technology has emerged as a powerful ally within social care enabling more efficient and personalised care delivery. However, local authorities face a critical decision: to embrace open and adaptable ...

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